City bumps soon to be ironed out

18:31, Dec 13 2012
SMOOTH: Todd Dockerill evens tyre marks scrapped into fresh tarseal on Wilson St in Timaru.

Many Timaru residents are fed up with bumpy roads, but the Timaru District Council is working on it.

There has been discussion in recent days on the Herald's Facebook page about the state of district roads, with Browne St, parts of Old North Rd, King St, and the Hassall St and Woodlands Rd intersection.

The Timaru Herald counted 15 bumps driving from the bottom of Douglas St roundabout to Athol Place and Facebook user Vanessa Rayner wrote that she used to get her baby rocked to sleep by driving up the Gleniti end of Wai-iti Rd.

Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon said funding had been allocated this year to resealing roads such as Wilson St and Wai-iti Rd because of their high user traffic numbers.

"I know (Browne St) is rough. Wilson St and Wai-ti Rd were higher priority and just as rough."

He said the council spent $3 million a year on sealing the district's roads with about 70 kilometres resealed a year.


Mr Dixon said Douglas St would be resealed with chip seal early next year which would still be "a bit bumpy" because so much work had been done and Browne St work would begin in August.


Chip seal lasts about 15 years depending on traffic numbers, while asphaltic concrete (hot mix), which is smooth, is three times more expensive but lasts 20 to 25 years and is only used for main roads in urban areas and cul-de-sacs where rubbish trucks turn around.

Source: Timaru District Council

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