'Invaluable' cameras on the blink

18:31, Dec 13 2012
security camera
A security camera

Twizel will consider replacing its old CTV cameras in the marketplace next year, after they were found to have been out of action.

Community board chairman Peter Bell said the cameras, which operated in the marketplace, were still effective when working.

However, recently they had been on the blink.

"We hope to get them back up and running over the next week or so," he said.

"But it might be that they'll need to be replaced in the next financial year."

"That will be something for us to consider. Modern CTV cameras for the marketplace could cost us $6000 each."


Twizel constable Joe Rush said the CTV cameras were invaluable for everyday duties.

"They've spotted everything, from wilful damage to assaults and burglaries," he said.

"Over the summer they're really useful. They help us spot things that we might not have seen.

"There used to be quite a lot of damage done around the Youth Centre and skate park.

"But since the CTV cameras were installed, that's dropped right away."

The Timaru Herald