Dive board open for use today

18:42, Dec 14 2012
Doug Cain, from Ranger Construction,
DIVE TIME: Doug Cain, from Ranger Construction, installs the 1m diving board at the aquatic centre yesterday.

Six months after it was first ordered, the "demountable" 1m board was installed yesterday at Timaru's new aquatic centre, and will be ready for use today, council community services manager Sharon Matson confirmed.

The board will be available from 4pm to 4.45pm on weekdays and and between noon and 6pm on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. It will not be operated simultaneously with the bombing tower.

Those using the diving board must be aged at least 5, and those between 5 and 8 must be actively supervised by a caregiver aged 16 or over.

District councillors initially decided to deepen one end of the main pool to accommodate the 1m board. It was then decided to deepen it even further to accommodate the 3m diving platform.

The diving board had not been installed at first because of concerns over its size, and there was a further delay when critical bolts were misplaced and more had to be ordered from overseas.

The board will be removed when not in use. The framework can also be removed when the pool is required for a swim carnival.

Diving is still not allowed off the 3m platform by other than experienced divers. There were concerns those not suitably trained could dive into the shallower water.


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