Festive fun amid quake red zone

18:40, Dec 16 2012

Only in Christchurch would you find a mannequin dressed as Santa perched on top of an 18-tonne tank in the heart of the red zone.

Contractors have been challenged to dress up their machinery to raise money for the City Mission.

To take part, contractors have had to decorate a digger, excavator, crane or truck in a Christmas theme, and spend no more than $100 on it.

People can vote for the best dress-up job by donating food to the City Mission's Christmas lunch.

"I've decorated a lot of things but I've never decorated a digger," said Danny Cooke, from Ceres Environmental.

"It's great to do something a bit light-hearted and, especially at this time of year . . . if decorating diggers means that the City Mission gets more donations, then that's a good thing."


Senior project manager for Ward Demolition, John Kendall, said his team "spent all afternoon decorating this beast".

"We put quite a bit of effort into it and the intention was just to have a bit of fun and be part of a good cause."

Gerard Daldry, from Protanz Earthmoving Ltd, bought an 18-tonne Abott tank about four years because he's a "little bit obsessed with machinery".

"Owning a tank is a pretty good talking point . . . I just love it and it's done quite a bit of charity stuff," he said.

Getting it dressed up in a Christmas theme was a bit different though."

The entries will be parked on the northern corner of Gloucester and Colombo streets for public viewing and the Defence Force will be collecting food donations beside the display area.

Smith Crane & Construction and Nikau Contractors Ltd were also part of the contest.

An All Blacks jersey has also been donated to be auctioned with the proceeds going to the City Mission.

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