Weather of Christmases past

23:25, Dec 19 2012
timaru christmas day 2007
BEACH FESTIVITY: In 2007 the official temperature reached (a sunny) 18deg C - enough for Jack Devlin, from left, Clara, Bridget, Alister and Denise Watson of Timaru to enjoy Christmas lunch on Caroline Bay.
timaru christmas day 2008
WRAPPED UP: Have they dressed up against the cold? Aaron and Jeremiah Tor-Kilsen at the community Christmas dinner at St Marys Hall in 2008.
timaru christmas day 2009
SCORCHER: While Sam Simpson cooks the Christmas BBQ at the Washdyke Fire station in 2009, Mark Sillis, from left, Mark Cummings, Dave McGillen and Gary Parker watch on.
timaru christmas day 2011
FINE DAY: The crowd at the community Christmas dinner at the Caroline Bay Hall in 2011 look fairly comfortable.
timaru christmas day 2010
SPECIAL VISIT: Their short sleeves suggest weatherwise it was an okay day for the Mehrtens, the Kerslakes and the Stubleys, who receive a visit from Santa (Dave Stubley).

A temperature in the 20s on Christmas Day will fit a trend in South Canterbury that started in 2009.

But the holiday weather for much of the last decade was enough to dampen Christmas cheer - literally.

December 25, 2011
Max 20deg C at 1pm
● From 12C at 7am the day warmed quickly to 19C by 10am, but hovered around 20C for the afternoon.

December 25, 2010
Max 21C at 4pm
● The temperature rose from 10C at 7am to 21C by 4pm.

December 25, 2009
Max 28C at 4pm
● The day was already off to a good start with 14C at 7am, up to 24C by 10am. The warm weather continued into the afternoon, peaking at 28C about 4pm.

December 25, 2008
Max 13C at 7am
● 13C was as warm as the day got at 7am. By 10am the thermometre had settled on the mean temperature for the day: 12C.


December 25, 2007
Max 18C at 1pm, 4pm
● Deja vu, anyone? By 1pm the temperature had hit 18C - but like 2007 that was as warm as it got that day.

December 25, 2006
Max 18C at 4pm
● Daytime temperatures crept from 16C at 10am to 18C by 4pm.

December 25, 2005
Max 18C at 7pm
● It took most of the day but eventually the mercury tipped 18C - at 7pm.

December 25, 2004
Max 12C at 4pm
● It might as well have been a Northern Hemisphere Christmas - the day’s mean temperature was 11C, the day’s high of 12C reached at 4pm.

* Figures from sourced from Averaged Metar Reports from Timaru Airport.

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