Time-warping to Timaru school galaxy

18:00, Dec 20 2012
Ross Stevenson
HEADING SOUTH: The new deputy rector for Timaru Boys' High School, and dedicated 'Trekkie', Ross Stevenson.

The new deputy rector for Timaru Boys' High School, Ross Stevenson, is a "Trekkie" from Palmerston North.

The Star Trek fan has been teaching at Palmerston North Boys' High School for the past 20 years. Not only is he dedicated to the cult sci-fi television series but he collects memorabilia and estimates he goes to the movies about 120 times a year.

The English and media studies teacher and his family are preparing to make the move south but must first pack up their house - including a room full of Star Trek collectibles, six shelves of DVDs and two pinball machines - to take up his new position at the start of the new school year.

Mr Stevenson is well known in film circles as vice-president of the New Zealand Film Society, president of its Palmerston North branch and regular film taster for the Manawatu Standard and radio station The Breeze.

He prefers French film classics from the 1950s but names B-grade war flick Red Dawn, starring Patrick Swayze, as a guilty pleasure.

Because Timaru has no film society Mr Stevenson will have to step aside from his New Zealand Film Society position. "People are on at me to start a film society there; we'll see," he said. "I might suffer from withdrawal."

Mr Stevenson plans to watch the first of The Hobbit films in 3-D in Palmerston North to get the full 48 frames-per-second experience before heading for Timaru.

In his new job he is replacing Dave Thorp, who is joining Wellington College as deputy principal. However, Wellington College is already familiar territory to Mr Thorp, who was the college's head of English before he moved to Timaru four years ago.


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