Cemetery for Tekapo

Tekapo people now have a cemetery in which to bury their loved ones.

The project began nearly nine years ago, with locals working under the banner of the Six Feet Under Group, and raised nearly $140,000. The initial construction was funded by club members, but has since been handed over to the Mackenzie District Council for administration and maintenance.

Mackenzie district community facilities manager Garth Nixon said the site, at the Lochinvar Subdivision, was 3863sqm.

"There have already 140 burial plots, and another 118 ash plots prepared for the site. There is provision for more than 100 extra of each once interest gets under way," he said.

Councillor Peter Maxwell, of Tekapo, said it was a beautiful spot.

"It's probably the most spectacular place to be buried in South Canterbury."

The Timaru Herald