Car hits tree on Glen St

23:35, Dec 23 2012
glen st crash
HEAD-ON: An elderly driver appeared uninjured after his car collided head on with a tree on Glen St in Timaru.

An SUV crashed head-on into a tree along Glen St shortly before 11am.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but emergency personnel at the scene said that the only person in the vehicle was the elderly male driver.

He got out of the car with some assistance and was taken away by ambulance but did not appear to be seriously injured.

glen st crash
HEAD ON: Fire fighters check a car which hit a tree on Glen St in Timaru.

The SUV was apparently travelling south and downhill when the crash occurred in front of a residence at 47 Glen St.

Neighbour Damien Stott, who stood watching across the street, said he'd been alerted to the crash when he heard a loud bang.

Firefighters disconnected the vehicle's battery to prevent it from catching fire, Timaru fire service senior station officer Garry Parker said.

The street was briefly closed while the vehicle was winched onto a flatbed truck to be hauled away.


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