Timaru Herald top 6: December 24, 2012

01:26, Oct 07 2013
Funeral gatecrashers
CHANTING: An unknown man knelt before the coffin to pray, saying God had ordered him to do it.

There was a plenty of public interest when name suppression on a 26-year-old Timaru man accused of wounding a schoolboy was lifted last week.

Other stories which caught online readers' attention included reassurance from the scientific community that the Mayan, December 21, 2012 doomsday prediction would not spell the end of the world, and the case of a former Timaru man's funeral being interrupted by a stranger.

1. School boy assault accused named

Funeral gatecrashers
DOUBLE ACT: The two well-dressed men were not known to the deceased's family.

Suppression has been lifted on the name of the man accused of assaulting a 9-year-old schoolboy found distressed and injured at Holme Station Bridge near Timaru on November 15.

2. End of the world is not nearly nigh

The end of the Mayan long count calendar created talk - but experts were quick to debunk the doomsday prediction.


3. Funeral gatecrashed

Police took a man into custody for a psychiatric evaluation after a family's funeral was interrupted by the man, who went then made threats to have a body exhumed.

4. Injuries after crash near Oamaru

A man and woman were flown to Dunedin Hospital after a car they were in overturned near Oamaru.

5. Water in petrol wrecks family car

A man from Cave says he has been left frustrated and out of pocket after filling up his vehicle with water-contaminated petrol in Oamaru last month.

6. Nightswimmers face risks

The days are longer, the nights are warmer - and that's inspiring some South Cantabrians to try their luck at trespassing for a swim, Timaru police say.

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