'Phantom' defecator closes toilets

19:59, Dec 26 2012
DISGUSTING: Stafford Mall customers are being directed to public toilets on Strathallan St after the actions of one person have forced the malls toilets to be closed to the public.

The disgusting actions of one person have closed the public toilets at a Timaru shopping mall.

Staff at Central Mall in Stafford St have had enough of the stink and mess of faeces spread over the bathroom walls.

The Herald was alerted to the matter when a member of the public said the toilets were now signposted with directions for the public to use the toilets at Strathallan Corner.

''It's a bit sad really; a shopping mall without public toilets,'' they said.

Central Mall managing director Cheryl Macaulay said staff made the decision to close the toilets as the filth had become a daily problem.

''Over the past six months this phantom [defecator] has become a nasty piece of work and we're not cut out for that,'' she said.

''The staff have had enough and I believe the cleaner has had a gutsful and shut the public toilets.''


The Timaru Herald