Telecom repairs mobile network fault

Telecom customers should no longer experience mobile calls that sound like their phone is underwater, a company spokesperson said this morning.

Technicians located and repaired the hardware believed to be causing the fault, which was affecting mobile customers from South Canterbury to the top of the South Island.

They planned to monitor the infrastructure throughout the day to ensure the fault does not recur.

Mobile customers throughout South Canterbury have reported calls that sounded as though the phone was under water or the speaker on the other end was an alien life-form. The problem began sometime last week.

More than 60 people commented on the issue on Tuesday through the Timaru Herald Facebook page, reporting problems with making calls from the West Coast, Nelson and even Palmerston North.

The call quality problem should not have affected Christchurch, spokeswoman Holly Linnell said yesterday, because the city runs on a different system.

Customers who experience problems should contact Telecom and report the faults, spokesman Richard Irvine said.

Customers can report faults by calling 120 from their mobile phones, or on Telecom's website.

The company is not planning any reimbursements for people whose calls were garbled, he said.

The Timaru Herald