Fingers crossed, Bay pool fixed

18:43, Jan 14 2013
caroline bay paddling pool
CLEAN OUT: Sicon contractor Robbie Douglas hosing detritus on the floor of the paddling pool at Caroline Bay.

Caroline Bay's paddling pool could be back in action today.

It was drained on Friday after members of the public contacted Community and Public Health, concerned about the state of the water.

A new outlet and silt trap installed in the pool 10 days ago was responsible for the problems, district council parks and recreation manager Bill Steans said yesterday.

The way it was installed meant it could not be cleaned without draining the pool.

It had clogged up and, in turn, had caused the pump, which also chlorinated the pool, to fail, he said.

Regular water tests indicated something was amiss on Thursday.


It was decided to dose the pool with additional chlorine overnight, but the pump failed at the same time, Mr Steans said.

A plumber was called as soon as the problem was found on Friday morning.

Alterations were made to the outlet/silt trap yesterday to allow easier cleaning.

Refilling the almost 50-year-old structure takes only a few hours, but the pumps cannot be run until pool filling begins.

Only then will it be known if either of the pumps was damaged in last week's mishap.

"We are giving it [the pool] a spring clean as well while it is empty," Mr Steans said.

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