Delays mar NCEA results release

19:18, Jan 15 2013
stephanie dalloway
WORTH THE WAIT: Stephanie Dalloway, 16, waited patiently for more than an hour as she tried to access her NCEA results online.

The agonising wait to see NCEA results online was extended for some South Canterbury students yesterday as the website became overloaded.

Students spent hours sitting in front of computer screens, desperately trying to get to the front of the online queue. More than 163,000 students had access to their results on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website.

For Craighead Diocesan School student Stephanie Dalloway, it was worth the wait.

At 3.30pm Stephanie finally got to see the results she had been hoping for - excellence in all of her NCEA Level 1 subjects, including science, French, music, English, geography and maths.

She also received a merit in Year 13 calculus.

"I've been trying for over an hour in total," she said.


Other South Canterbury students managed to gain access after a 30-minute wait yesterday morning, while others gave up and tried again in the afternoon.

Lorryn Dalzell was one of the more fortunate ones.

She accessed her results at 9am after a delay of only about 15 minutes.

Kimberley Dimmock said at 10am the website was still in high demand.

"[It] took me 30 minutes just to get on."

Tash Dockrill said "pretty much" no-one she knew of had been able to access their results in the morning.

She said the wait had been frustrating.

Hamish Dick said when he logged on he received the message: "The website is currently experiencing heavy usage. Please try again later."

Eighteen minutes later his wait was over.

"I'm in! I feel like I just conquered Everest ... now to actually check the results!"

However, at 11.10am Eilish Wilson was among the many people still waiting in the queue.

She had waited for 20 minutes just to enter her password.

An NZQA spokesperson confirmed there had been a long wait for some students, which was to be expected due to the high demand.

"They are able to get them, but they just need to have a bit of patience because there's so many people wanting to get their results."

Marked examination papers will be returned to students from late January.

Following the return of marked papers, students will have until February 18 to apply for reviews.

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