'Brats' barred from Waitaki lakes sites

A group of "badly behaved" teenagers will be served trespass notices preventing them from staying at council-owned campsites at the Waitaki lakes.

Waitaki's district camp supervisor, Simon Fox, said six teenagers from Oamaru were lighting fires and abusing fellow holiday-makers at Parsons Rock in the lead-up to New Year's eve.

"The volunteer fire brigade had to respond to several pointless call-outs thanks to them, and when they got there, a couple of the youths got really lippy and abusive.

"It was unnecessary, they were the same bunch that caused trouble over the previous summer."

Mr Fox said the six teenagers would receive trespass notices preventing them staying at council campsites for two years. He would also consider fining them under the Reserves Act, as the group had also wasted people's resources.

"If they're going to spoil the environment for everyone else at the site, then they don't deserve to be there," he said.

"The volunteer fire brigade take their role very seriously and for no financial reward. I want to see these brats stung in their back pocket."

Mr Fox oversees the council-run sites at Sailors Cutting, Parsons Rock, Boat Harbour and Loch Laird in the Waitaki Valley. He said although it had been another busy season, he would talk to the council about introducing "youth-only" sections.

"Not all youth are disruptive, most are well behaved, but there are different expectations," Mr Fox said.

"I want a safe environment for everyone. Families don't need to be disrupted by large groups of rowdy young people."

Waitaki District Council property manager Dougall McIntyre said the idea had merit.

"A more formal area for youth away from the family groups could solve a lot of the issues."

Mr McIntyre said Mr Fox should submit his proposal to the Ahuriri Community Board.

The Timaru Herald