Temuka vandalism a frustration

18:37, Jan 21 2013
temuka vandelism
NUISANCE VANDALISM: Denmark St retailers are losing patience with vandalism which has seen street signs destroyed. From left, Eastside Butchery assistant Jo Basill, and O’Reilly’s Foodcentre assistants Brooke Valentine, 16, and Colleen Teahen look at a bare pole where a litter bin used to be.

Vandalism around Temuka recently has seen road signage removed or stolen and a missing rubbish bin reappearing on top of a pole further down the street from where it was originally located.

Eastside Takeaways owner Chris Zhou said his water drainage pipe on the outside of his shop had been ripped off a few times and the council owned litter bin in front of his shop had been set on fire.

Last Friday the new litter bin was removed and placed on a pole at the netball courts at the back of St Joseph's Church. The bin took the place of an orange road cone previously on the pole.

"It is very inconvenient," Mr Zhou said.

He complained to police about the damage to his water pipes but said they told him there was nothing they could do about it.

Mr Zhou was now beefing up his security. He said he did not believe he was being specifically targeted and suspected the vandals' actions were fuelled by alcohol as the incidents occurred in the weekends.


O'Reilly's Foodcentre assistant Colleen Teahen said she was sick of the vandalism. She said the stop sign on the corner of Denmark and Wilkins streets had been ripped off its pole last week but had since been fixed though it was looking a little worse for wear. She understood a sign on the corner of Commerce and King streets had also been attacked.

Eastside Butchery assistant Jo Basill felt the vandals were "time wasters" and should find something else to do.

A Temuka Police spokesman said he was unaware of the sign incidents though he had previously caught the same person twice vandalising signs. The perpetrator had to pay a fine to the Timaru District Council of about $150.

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