Lonely times for Temuka mini golf

19:22, Jan 21 2013
james friend
ALL ALONE: Temuka Pakeke Lions member and mini golf volunteer James Friend has a quiet day.

Temuka Pakeke Lions mini golf has lost half its usual revenue, due mainly to lack of interest and some inclement weather.

In 2011 it made about $4000, this past year to date it has made just $1500.

Treasurer Roy Guthrie said he was unsure of the reason for the decrease in support, though bad weather had made an impact. Trying to boost numbers through holding a competition recently had been poorly received.

He said the skatepark next to the course entrance seemed to be more popular among young people ahead of the mini golf.

Volunteer James Friend said the course was open all school holidays and in the weekends during the term. But after he spent a lonely morning on the fake greens with no players at all on Thursday morning, the course was closed for the rest of the day.

Mr Guthrie said it was time for Lions to rethink the mini golf and how to make it more attractive to players, as it had been a great fundraiser for the service organisation up till now.


The Timaru Herald