Sea, sun and surf beat heat

19:39, Jan 23 2013
caroline bay
TAKE TO THE WAVES: Caroline Bay's surf provides a fun place to cool off.

Timaru's predicted high today of 19 degrees Celcius is expected to be "significantly cooler" than the 32deg C we basked in yesterday.

The town's temperature was the national high yesterday, MetService said.

By 10.15am the temperature was at 25deg c, reaching 32deg C in the early afternoon. A reading of 30deg C at Christchurch International Airport came a close second, duty forecaster Liz Walsh said.

caroline bay
LIFE'S A BEACH: On another hot day, the sea off Caroline Bay was again popular.

However, the temperature dropped overnight as predicted, as a south-westerly change swept up the South Island.

Ms Walsh said the change would bring early morning rain to South Canterbury but would clear later.


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