Warning over expiry dates

18:37, Jan 24 2013
Michael and Caleb Nolan
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Michael Nolan, with his son, Caleb, 7 months, has raised concerns after he purchased baby food which was three months past its best-before date.

A Temuka couple are calling for extra vigilance after the baby food they purchased for their son was three months past its best-before date.

Michael Nolan and Jodi Bond purchased Wattie's Apple and Blueberry Muesli from Pak 'n Save on Wednesday. They fed it to their 7-month-old son, Caleb, later that afternoon before realising the best-before date was September 2012.

"He didn't like it. He kept spitting it out, but normally he loves that flavour," Mr Nolan said.

He said Caleb only ate a couple of spoonfuls but started vomiting yesterday morning.

It was not known if the food was the cause.

The couple only discovered the product had expired when Ms Bond went to feed the rest of it to Caleb yesterday morning. As soon as they realised its age they contacted Pak 'n Save, which offered a replacement.


"I wasn't really worried about that. I just didn't want anyone else getting it and their kids getting sick.

"I rang them immediately to let them know and get them to take it off their shelf."

Pak 'n Save declined to comment and referred The Timaru Herald to Foodstuffs. However, Foodstuffs could not be reached for comment yesterday afternoon.

Wattie's general manager of quality Paddy O'Brien said the glass jars of Wattie's baby food were vacuum-sealed. If the seal was not broken the food should still be fit for consumption three months past its best-before date, he said. "It should just be the quality that deteriorates."

If the seal was broken, the food would be exposed to air, which would cause mould to grow.

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