Reverse parking may surprise many

19:16, Jan 27 2013

It is a parking rule many Timaruvians may be unaware of - it is illegal to reverse into angle parking under a Timaru District by-law.

A New Plymouth woman learnt the law the hard way in the New Plymouth District this month when she was served a parking ticket for the manoeuvre.

Timaru District Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon confirmed yesterday that a council bylaw ruled it an offence to carry out the manoeuvre as it was a safety issue.

"It doesn't specifically say you can't reverse in, but it's implied."

He said angle parking allowed for more parks in an area.

"That's the main reason for it. It's more efficient use of the space."


To introduce angle parks required a special resolution of council, he said.

Council environmental services manager Rick Catchpowle said incidents of motorists reversing into angle parking were rare, but when it did happen officers advised motorists accordingly.

"As yet, there have been no circumstances where officers have had to resort to issuing an infringement notice to address this.

"It's more a general chat first and advice given about transport legislation, rather than giving a warning."

If a motorist repeatedly ignored the advice then a warning was issued, and as a "totally last resort consideration" a $40 infringement notice was issued. "Officers at all times try to help and assist motorists with their understanding of transport legislation."

Comment on the Herald's Facebook page yesterday indicated many were not aware of the rule.

"What?! You're not allowed to do that??" Ruth Richards commented.

Kylie Brunt said it was crazy.

"Never heard of that b4."

But Gina Means said it made sense.

"Angled parks are made to go with the flow of traffic. Why on earth would you try to reverse into one?"

Dallas Brown said reversing into the park would take a "five-point turn" to get in and out of.

"What a waste of time parking like that in the first place.

Brucie Raines said it was "one of those rules" many may never have known of.

"Basic rule of thumb is that at any point if you are facing the wrong way in a road lane what you are doing will most likely be incorrect or illegal."

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