7200 heifers board ship for China

03:43, Feb 05 2013
timaru dairy herd shipment
STOCK SHIPMENT: Stock trucks parked next to a ship at the port in Timaru.

The largest shipment of live dairy heifers to leave South Canterbury is being loaded on board a livestock carrier at the Port of Timaru today.

The 7200 heifers are bound for China on the Dareen.

The 140-metre ship slipped quietly into port yesterday afternoon and did not appear on the port's shipping list.

LIVE CARGO: Livestock carrier Dareen loads 7200 dairy heifers for China.

PrimePort Timaru chief executive Jeremy Boys said in a statement that this was done at the exporter's request.

"From the port's perspective it is a routine livestock shipment but we accepted the exporter's request to refrain from publishing details of its arrival," Mr Boys said.

The company behind the sale, Landmark Global Exports, could not be reached for comment yesterday.


The heifers were originally due to leave Timaru last week on the livestock carrier Bader III but new arrangements were made.

The shipment is the size of about nine South Canterbury dairy herds.

The export of dairy cattle is growing as China builds up its dairy industry. New Zealand dairy cattle are sought after there because they are suited to China.

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