Novopay thwarts service payment

18:36, Jan 30 2013
Lorraine Young
NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Lorraine Young, of Waimate, is frustrated Novopay has not provided her employment history after she requested it two months ago.

A Waimate schoolteacher who took redundancy last year is exasperated Novopay has failed to provide her with a record of employment, costing her the chance to apply for a long-service payment.

It adds to the thousands of complaints about the error-ridden pay system since it was introduced last year.

Waimate High School part-time staff member Lorraine Young, who has worked in the education sector for three decades, volunteered for redundancy in November.

She hoped to apply for a long-service payment and applied to Novopay for her record of employment at a cost of $103.50.

At the beginning of the month she was contacted by Novopay and told she was "in the system".

However the deadline for confirming a redundancy option lapsed this week and she accepted a supernumerary position at the school for 30 weeks. "The point that I'm making is that they haven't come through, have they, among many things.


"I haven't had the message back from Novopay so I can't actually confirm I've done the 30 years.

"Obviously, I can't prove how many years I've done until I get the records."

She was concerned there were others in her position.

"I am happy with the supernumerary position . . . but I feel let down by the system, as my options were reduced."

She said trying to get hold of Novopay was a "nightmare".

Ministry of Education spokesman Matt Radley said Mrs Young needed to talk to Waimate High School "in the first instance" and if that failed she should contact Novopay.

He acknowledged thenumber of people who can access Novopay is limited.

But principal Janette Packman said there was nothing the school could do in this case.

"It's basically the individual staff member that has to access that."

She could understand Mrs Young's frustrations.

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