Businesses want bylaws enforced

20:00, Jan 31 2013

New warning signs will be installed in Twizel's marketplace, after business-owners complained about unruly skateboarders, cyclists and dogs.

Dogs are banned from the marketplace area, as are skateboarders, but more than a dozen businesses have petitioned the Mackenzie District Council asking it to properly enforce the bylaws.

"Each of us spends eight to 12 hours a day in our stores and witness the reckless use of [bicycles and skateboards]. There are many elderly folk who walk around the marketplace who should be able to do so without the fear of being hit," the letter said.

"We feel it is timely to remind everyone that this is in fact a shopping mall, and not a street."

Mackenzie Lotto Plus owner Rose Golding said dogs were also a problem in the marketplace.

"Several owners just leave their dogs tied up to veranda posts, or wandering the marketplace unattended. It is a potential risk: not all dogs are friendly towards children," she said.


Mackenzie district planning and regulations manager Nathan Hole said the council would install clearer signage in a bid to solve some of the issues.

"Several people have said the current signage isn't very clear, so some people might be unaware of the rules," he said.

Mr Hole said under the bylaws, people could be fined up to $300 for bringing dogs into the marketplace.

"The council generally takes a low-level approach. I can't remember anyone being fined for bringing their dog into the marketplace recently," he said.

However, Ms Golding said the issue was particularly frustrating over the summer holiday period, when thousands of visitors flock to Twizel.

"New signage would be a start, but the rules already exist - they should be better enforced. There are too many people who are unaware of the rules, or simply ignore them," she said.

The Timaru Herald