Going miles for smiles

18:26, Jan 31 2013
Terry Chung
SMILE FOR CHRISTCHURCH: Taiwanese traveller Terry Chung is collecting smiles around New Zealand to bring back to residents in Christchurch.

Taiwanese traveller Terry Chung is on a mission to bring smiles back to Christchurch.

After spending two weeks in the city, he was moved by the devastation caused by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and decided he wanted to do something to help.

"Even though the rebuild is under way, there are still many frustrations and tears," he said on his Smile for Christchurch Facebook page.

"I stood in the red zone looking at the devastation and I asked myself, what could I do for the city and for people in Christchurch while I am in New Zealand?"

He decided to travel the country, armed with his ukulele and camera, capturing smiles. The goal is to collect as many smiles as possible and display them somewhere in Christchurch by February next year.

He said he "truly believed" in the power of smiles.


"Smiles can bring people closer and can bring hope. It can neither be bought or sold but it is the best gift you can give to others."

He urged people to leave their smiles if they see him on the street.

"We only need smiles, no money required."

The Timaru Herald