Showers bring cool relief on Monday

16:00, Feb 01 2013

South Canterbury's summer is set to take a mini-break early next week following nine days of sunshine.

Rain is forecast for Timaru on Monday and Tuesday, but fine weather is due to return for the rest of the week, according to MetService's long range forecast.

The district has had a good run of sunny weather, with at least 16 days passing since the last decent rainfall.

There has been no rain in Timaru since January 24, when 0.6mm was recorded at Richard Pearse Airport, and on January 17 when there was 20.4mm.

However, there have been clear skies throughout most of January with warm temperatures.

Residents in other parts of South Canterbury have been basking in even warmer weather, including Omarama man Peter Casserly.


On Thursday he checked the thermometer hanging in the shade of his veranda about 4.30pm. He said he was shocked to see it registered 43 degrees Celsius.

The official temperature reading for the area, taken at a monitoring station several kilometres away at Tara Hills, was significantly lower but still hot. That station registered a temperature of 33C at 5pm, according to MetService.

"We've had a week of really stinking hot weather. Everybody's getting around in shorts and not doing much, all under willow trees in the shade," Mr Casserly said.

Caroline Bay was popular yesterday in mid-20s temperatures.

Betty Walford has been making the most of the bay.

"It is a joy to stroll or paddle at Caroline Bay. We are very fortunate here in Timaru with such a lovely spot; and you never know who you might meet."

MetService forecaster Philippa Murdoch said warm weather would continue into the weekend, with a predicted high of 26C today and 29C tomorrow.

However, on Monday some rain would come, easing to showers, and dropping the temperature to about 23C on Monday and 20C on Tuesday. Warmer weather would return after that.

The Timaru Herald