Site not so idyllic after tent damage

17:50, Feb 03 2013

A slice of paradise has become a slashing ground for a Tekapo camper.

Alice Langley got a nasty shock when she discovered vandals had cut their way through three tents at the family camping spot on Lake Poaka near Twizel. Ms Langley arrived at the area on Saturday afternoon to find the campsite had been targeted in what appeared to be a random spree of senseless destruction.

The family tent, a smaller tent and shower tent had all been slashed - the walls, windows and roofs cut to shreds. Only a thermette was taken in the raid.

The Tekapo resident discovered the spot last summer and has been enjoying excursions there with family and friends.

Now she is not so sure.

Ms Langley text family, including her nephews and nieces, when she discovered the mess and help soon arrived in the form of needle and thread.


"It seems like a mindless act of vandalism; it's going to cost $1000 to replace the tents."

She had camped there the weekend before and said the attack must have happened some time last week.

"Now I feel uncertain about this camping ground; several families have been coming here for years and everyone gets on well.

"It is such a shame."

The Timaru Herald