Gifted girl keen to be dog whisperer

21:59, Feb 04 2013
Uyen Bui Khac
CANINE FRIEND: Vietnamese gifted student Uyen Bui Khac hopes her scholarship to study at Mountainview High School will help her reach her dream of becoming a dog psychologist. She is pictured with Gizmo.

A gifted Vietnamese high school student is hoping a scholarship to attend Mountainview High School this year will help her reach her dream of becoming a "dog whisperer".

Uyen Bui Khac, 17, of Ho Chi Minh City, is a student at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, one of the oldest high schools in Vietnam. The school specialises in educating gifted students with exceptional academic talent.

Students are accepted after a rigorous testing process in mathematics, literature and English.

She won a scholarship to attend Mountainview High School after hearing about it through the school and will spend this year here in Year 12. She can apply for an extension to study next year.

Uyen hopes to eventually go on to study animal behaviour having been inspired by Cesar Millan, of the American television show Dog Whisperer.

"I like animals, especially dogs. I was kind of inspired by him. He's a great guy."


She hopes to help people better understand the canine species.

"Sometimes when people see dogs bark and run after them they often get the wrong idea. I would like to adjust that thinking. They don't mean any harm if you know how to react.

"They're very kind and nice."

Uyen said she was excited to be in New Zealand, and loved the "fresh air, blue skies - everything".

"I've been smiling all day."

The school was "10 times bigger" than her school back home.

"It's quite a big school in the city, but compared to this school not so much."

Uyen is a goalie for her school's football team and hopes to try out at Mountainview High School.

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