RSA explores ways to boost business

Temuka RSA secretary-manager Vicki Aitken
Temuka RSA secretary-manager Vicki Aitken

The Temuka RSA needs more people through the door as members age.

Of the 214 fully paid-up members only a small percentage attend the clubrooms and events regularly.

RSA secretary-manager Vicki Aitken said the club needed people coming in regularly to function. To boost membership concerts were held allowing the public to attend.

"We are not a pub and we have to apply for special licences for the public," she said.

Though the licences were not difficult to obtain she said club rules were different from pubs.

"We expect a higher standard of dress and behaviour and there are no hats or swearing allowed."

The advantages of socialising at the RSA were that it was a safe environment and a courtesy coach was available on request, Mrs Aitken said.

There were five pubs and 53 clubs and organisations in Temuka competing for the same patronage or membership, she said. To compete in this tight market the RSA has established a recovery committee to explore ways of making more money.

The social committee organised concerts and events but not all had been well supported.

"A lot of old diggers can't get out easily." Though club groups met weekly for cards, pool, darts, petanque, indoor and outdoor bowls, the main income was from room hire.

"We need to make $1500 a week to survive. We are struggling but surviving," she said.

The club's financial position was reassessed monthly.

Mrs Aitken would like to see more locals coming in to support them.

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