Strong bidding for stock

19:51, Feb 06 2013
GOT TO GO: Farmers line up at the Temuka Saleyards to buy capital stock ewes on offer.

About 8500 sheep changed hands at the Temuka Saleyards yesterday at a one-off sale of capital stock ewes.

The sale was held because of vendors exiting the sheep industry at the same time through dairy conversion, the farm being sold or a change of farming practice.

The sheep came forward for sale in excellent condition and met with competitive bidding from a large group of buyers.

The sale's top price was a pen of mixed-age border-coopworth ewes that sold for $155, while other top lines of ewes made $130-$150.

Values for the sheep were strong all the way through the sale and the vendors would have gone home smiling, PGG Wrightson South Canterbury livestock manager Joe Higgins said.

"It went very well. There were good lines of capital stock ewes presented and were well sought after."



Million Springs: 2-shear coopdale ewes $103-$145, 3-shear coopdale ewes $119-$130, 4-shear coopdale ewes $98-$106, 5-year coopdale ewes $75-$88, AD coopdale ewes $62-$82, 2-tooth coopdale ewes $92.

WH & JL Wornor: 2-shear coopworth ewes $128, 3-shear coopworth ewes $137, 4-shear coopworth ewes $123, 5-year coopworth ewes $88, 2-shear coopworth-texel ewes $122, 3-4 shear coopworth-texel ewes $116, mixed age coopworth ewes $118, AD coopworth ewes $84.

A&M Donald: 2-shear coopworth ewes $150, 3-shear coopworth ewes $126, 4-shear coopworth ewes $132, 5-shear coopworth ewes $91. Opuha Downs: 2-shear kelso ewes $118-$135, 3-shear kelso ewes $116-$126, 4-shear kelso ewes $117, AD kelso ewes $90-$106, MA perendale ewes $114.

RB & SM Grant: 2-shear kelso composite ewes $143-$154, 3,4,5-shear composite ewes $140.

DE & BJ Bray: 2-shear romney ewes $130-$135, 3-shear ewes $126-$128, 3-shear romney ewes $96, AD romney ewes $85, MA romney ewes $110.

KW Walker: MA romney ewes $151.

Glen Quoin: 3-shear border-romney ewes $147.

JS Worner MA ewes $120.

WR & ASE Wreford MA border-coopworth-texel ewes $155.

J & M Welsh: 2,3,4-shear east friesian romney ewes $76, 2-shear romney ewes $114, 3-shear romney ewes $104, 4-shear romney ewes $82, AD romney ewes $64, MA corriedale $80.

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