Yellow Pages answers public calls

19:59, Feb 07 2013
 Bevan Shackell
GOOD RESULT: Bevan Shackell is pleased to hear that the font size in South Canterbury’s phone book will not be changing. Instead, the rest of the country’s regional directories will take on the same format as South Canterbury’s.

New Zealand regional phone books will be reinstated to their former typesize, thanks to a little persuasion by South Canterbury residents.

The 2013 Timaru and Oamaru directory was rolled out late last year - 10 per cent smaller in height and width, but the text size remained the same.

Now, thanks to a pleasing response from the public, Yellow Pages Group, which produces the books, has announced it will use the same concept for all of the country's regional directories, returning them to their former font size.

South Canterbury managed to escape the dramatic typesize changes because of other feedback and the fact it is the last book to be produced in the annual cycle.

The district's latest directory was rolled out in November.

Yellow chief executive officer Chris Armistead said public response to South Canterbury's directory had been positive.

"Our job at Yellow is to help Kiwis find the information they want, wherever, whenever and however they're searching, be that online, mobile or via a book. Some people don't have internet access or a computer, or they simply prefer the printed book. It's about getting a balance."

One South Canterbury resident who is pleased at Yellow's decision is Bevan Shackell: "I think that is a sound idea." Mr Shackell has trouble defining some numbers in the phone book, so his only suggestion was to space the lines further apart.


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