Gym discounts 'at cost to elderly'

A promotion to attract new members to CBay Fitness has been "highly successful", but district councillor Terry Kennedy reckons it has been at the expense of the community's goodwill, especially of older people who have to pay to use CBay's spa and sauna.

Speaking at this week's district services committee, Cr Kennedy questioned how the council could give discounts of up to $180 to those joining the council's gym at CBay, but still charge older people to use the aquatic centre's Chillax area containing the spa and saunas.

"I have grave concerns they [new gym members] have received a $180 discount if they got in early, but [the council] cannot give senior citizens $4. It has not done much for the goodwill of the community.

"It is jolly dear."

As the council insisted on charging adults (under 80) $5 for a swim, Cr Kennedy considered older people should be allowed to spend at least one to two hours in the spa and saunas free of charge, rather than paying an additional $4 to use those facilities.

There was no way of ensuring users could use only the chillax area and not the pools, council community services manager Sharon Matson said. Special deals were offered to attract new gym members, Mrs Matson said, reminding councillors that they had instructed staff to ensure the gym made a profit.

The offer had been "hugely successful".

South Canterbury