Women advised to walk in groups

19:33, Feb 07 2013

Police have received numerous calls after The Herald ran a story on a Timaru woman being followed by a man in a white trades-type van.

Chrystal Boyne was walking home from work on January 23 when she was followed up Matilda St towards Church St.

The van approached her, went slowly past and then parked before she heard the van door open and footsteps follow her.

She ran around a corner and hid in a nearby property.

Ms Boyne said she did not get a good look at the man or the registration of the vehicle as it was dark. She described the man as being of average height and aged about 30.

Constable Amy Brazier, of Timaru, said police received numerous calls about the story yesterday. "We haven't had any further details of the van.


"A 19-year-old woman says she was approached by a van of similar description on Nile St on Tuesday at 8pm.

"She said the van slowed down next to her, drove ahead then did a U-turn and drove off.

"We're advising people to give us a call and get vehicle registrations. By the sounds of it, it is just females who have been targeted so just take care when walking home from school or work and we're advising that if they have alternative transport, to take that or walk with a group."

The Timaru Herald