Nine lives helpful for wee stowaways

18:45, Feb 10 2013
Anna Mackenzie
ADVENTUROUS FELINE: Anna Mackenzie keeps an eye on one of her kittens as it braves the bonnet of her car. The kitten is one of two that travelled from Geraldine to Christchurch under the bonnet of her car last week. The other kitten also survived the journey, but was in hiding during the photo shoot.

Nine lives must almost be gone for two 9-week-old kittens after travelling 150 kilometres under the bonnet of a car.

The pair was understood to have travelled under the bonnet from Geraldine to Christchurch, where they scarpered upon arrival.

Their owner, Anna Mackenzie, had loaned the car to a colleague, which he collected from her Geraldine home last week, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Her colleague then drove the car to Riccarton Park for a conference, unaware of the feline passengers until he returned to the car at the end of the day.

A note had been placed on the windscreen to say staff had seen kittens climbing back into the car's engine bay.

"They had a nice day in Christchurch and wanted to come home," Mrs Mackenzie said.


However, the kittens took off and spent the night in a shed at Riccarton Park.

Mrs Mackenzie's colleague, who was unaware that the kittens were possibly hers, returned the car to her home late that night.

The next day she discovered the same note sitting in the car. It was then that she started to wonder whether her kittens, which she had not seen for some time, were in fact the mysterious stowaways.

"We [hadn't] seen the kittens all day. I thought they had kind of met their match . . ."

Mrs Mackenzie phoned Riccarton Park in a bid to find out whether the elusive kittens were in fact hers.

She spoke to the woman who had written the note, who told her that the kittens were well, had just had sausages for breakfast and had been delivered to the SPCA.

Mrs Mackenzie made a special trip to Christchurch to collect the pair.

However, no-one was more excited to see the duo return than their mother, Lely, whose own start to life was not without incident.

Lely was named after the type of baler she got caught up in - and was eventually spat out in a bale.

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