Wheels in motion to return gift

01:13, Feb 11 2013
lisa and trevor wilkinson
CASH DISCOVERY: Lisa and Trevor Wilkinson, of Temuka, found a large amount of money and a wedding card in the street and are hoping to locate the gift's rightful owners.

A Temuka couple's discovery of hundreds of dollars in cash on the road has become a mission to reunite the money with the newlyweds it was apparently intended for.

Two weeks ago, as Lisa and Trevor Wilkinson were out biking around town, Lisa spied something in the street.

"I yelled, 'Stop!' " she said. "It was an envelope on the road, about a metre from the footpath."

The cash was inside, along with a card congratulating a couple on their wedding.

"That was the most disturbing part," Lisa said. "I thought of how sick they'd feel when they realised that gift, all that money, was gone."

The Wilkinsons took the money to the Temuka police station, where it has been waiting for its rightful owners ever since.


The incident was reported in the Timaru Herald police notebook, but Temuka police said they received only one call and it wasn't the right people.

Trevor said he thinks it's possible the money belongs to someone from outside the area who stopped in Temuka during a journey.

"It looked like the envelope had been run over," he said. "It's possible it fell out of their car and they left without noticing."

The Wilkinsons, themselves married for 29 years, said they're hoping the owners can be notified and their wedding gift returned.

They could easily have pocketed the cash and cycled away, but Lisa said the thought never occurred to them. "You've got to be able to sleep at night."

For more information on the found property, contact Temuka police on (03) 615 0060.

The Timaru Herald