Timaru wallaby trail goes cold

22:38, Feb 10 2013
LONG GONE: ECan has received no more wallaby sighting after several people in urban Timaru reported seeing one. [File]

The trail appears to have gone cold on the sighting of an elusive Australian pest.

The Herald received several calls and reports from readers on Thursday and Friday last week about a wallaby that allegedly was spotted wandering everywhere from Otipua Rd to the Timaru New World carpark.

However, neither Environment Canterbury nor any other authorities appear to been able to confirm its existence - although there have since been reported sightings of a dead wallaby south of Timaru.

Wallabies are regarded as a pest under the Biosecurity Act, and technically illegal to own as a pet in urban areas.

They are spread across about 300,000 hectares of land in South Canterbury, most notably in the Hunter Hills, the Two Thumb Range and the Kirkliston and Grampian mountains.


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