Call to add second effluent dumping site

19:04, Feb 13 2013

A new effluent dumping site is needed in Geraldine because of an increase in holidaymakers with recreational vehicles stopping in the town.

The town's only effluent station, at the Geraldine Kiwi Holiday Park, has been under an increasing amount of pressure as more and more people stop by in large vehicles to make use of the service.

Holiday park manager Brian Horrell raised the issue with the Geraldine Community Board, saying it was becoming dangerous because large motorhomes have difficulty turning in the park, where young children are often running around.

He said the large motorhomes also had the potential to damage the driveway.

Casual vehicles have been known to use up to 200 litres of water from the camp's supply and on some occasions have blocked the effluent station. Some casual visitors had also been known to fill a wheelie bin with rubbish from their vehicle.

Mr Horrell has investigated the option of an additional effluent station at the camp ground, but believed it was not suitable because it would still be dangerous for other camp users and would provide poor visibility for people using the station.

Instead, he has suggested a layby is established across the road, near the domain entrance.

The board has agreed that there is an urgent need for an alternative effluent facility in Geraldine for passing motorhome traffic.


The Timaru Herald