Annual on-farm lamb sale

18:29, Feb 14 2013

Prices were back but vendors were happy at the annual Rollesby Valley on-farm lamb sale.

The sale held at six different farms around Fairlie and Burkes Pass yesterday, had just under 18,000 lambs sell under the auctioneers hammer.

The top cut lambs for all of the vendors made $74-$96.50, with a pen of suffolk-crossed mixed-sex lambs from Stanton Station that sold for $99 the top price of the day.

The vendors were pleased with the prices their lambs received, given the slump in lamb values this season.

"We're pretty happy, all things considered," Kate Ross, of Single Hill Statio,n said.

Mrs Ross said it was good to see a good gallery of buyers come to their farm to support the sale. She estimated the prices they received were about $30 back on last year.


Grant Munro, of Airies Station, said his prices were about $25 down on last years sale.

He too was pleased with the result, despite the lower values.

He had one of the top prices of the day with a pen of his cryptorchid black face lambs at $94.50.

Steve Allan, for Burkes Pass Farm, said the prices were on a par with what he had expected.

"They were all sold and that's good."

Mr Allan said it was disappointing that sheep prices had come back so far this season and it was concerning that more were leaving the industry.

"We just want some consistency in price, even if it's back a little on last years prices," he said.

PGG Wrightson South Canterbury livestock manager Joe Higgins said the stock were presented for sale in good condition.

"The prime lambs sold very strong at the top end and also the lighter ones, they sold strongly too."


Mt Dalgety: Black face lambs: $60-$90, half bred lambs: $54.50-$70. H&L Watson: Black face lambs: $63.50-$74, second cut of black face lambs: 50-$61, half bred lambs: $45-$63.50.

Single Hill Station: Wether lambs: $60-$91.50, ewe lambs: $57, mixed sex lambs: $52.50, five year old ewes: $58.

N&B McKerchar: Mixed sex black face lambs: $74.50-$96.50, half bred male lambs: $64.50-$70.50, half bred and balck face male lambs: $50, half bred ewe lambs: $48.

Rollesby Valley Agri: Mixed sex lambs: $89.50, dohne-half bred merino cross lambs: $78.50, black face mixed sex lambs: $65.50, mixed sex black face lambs: $59, dohne x lambs: $60-$68, mixed sex lambs: $36, half bred ewes $50-$60.

Airies Station: Black face mixed sex lambs: $89.50, black face cryptorchid lambs: $79, black face ewe lambs: $51.50-$76, black face cryptorchid lambs: $57-$69, perendale-texel cryptorchid lambs: $49-$94.50, mixed sex lambs: $30.

Two Thumbs Partnership: Mixed sex black face lambs: $74.50.

CF Waters: Mixed sex black face lambs: $76-$64.50.

Paddys Market: Romney texel cross wether lambs: $74, dorset down lambs: $78.50.

Burkes Pass Farm: Dorper x cryptorchid lambs: $74-$78.50, romney-coopdale cryptorchid lambs: $62.50-$85.50, romney-coopdale ewe lambs: $55.50-$66.

Stanton Station: Suffolk x mixed sex lambs: $86-$99, suffolk cross male lambs; $83, suffolk cross ewe lambs: $77, suffolk cross wether lambs: $69, romdale cryptorchid lambs: $61-$85.50. Black face suffolk mixed sex lambs: $64-$67, romdale ewe lambs: $58-$76, texel ewe lambs: $67, suftex mix sex lambs; $65, suffolk cross mixed sex lambs: $61.50, romdale ewe lambs: $52, suffolk x mixed sex lambs: $52.50.

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