Timaru Herald top 6: February 18, 2013

00:08, Apr 08 2013
brent swanson
STASH: Tekapo Senior Constable Brent Swanson examines antique guns and swords found in the Tekapo Canal.

A cache of antique weapons pulled from the Tekapo canal was The Timaru Herald's top online story last week.

Readers took note of another canal story: Fish and Game has warned they're on the watch for anglers breaking the rules at the canals.

Meanwhile in Timaru, 14 Indonesian fishermen told the Herald they had been mistreated and intimidated by bosses while at sea, prompting them to jump ship.

indonesian fishermen
WAITING GAME: Crew members of fishing boat Pacinui are staying in Timaru after jumping ship this week, claiming they have been mistreated.

A report on Transition Timaru's Farmers Market changing venues and days sparked some online comment raising pros and cons of the move.


1. Antique weapons fished from canal



The draining of the Tekapo Canal uncovered a mystery that has apparently been concealed beneath its waters for many years.


2. Drunken disorder horrifies police


Police are horrified by a weekend of alcohol-fuelled disorder in Timaru, which included eight drink-driving charges.


3. Regret over market move


Timaru's Farmers Market is making a move under a cloud of debate.


4. Fishermen say they were abused


Fourteen Indonesian fishermen holed up in a Timaru motel say they have been mistreated at sea.


5. Anglers break rules in canals


"Arrogant" anglers breaking the rules while fishing the Waitaki hydro canals should beware - they have not escaped the attention of Fish and Game.

6. Sheep farmers selling out


Recent sales of capital stock ewes at the Temuka Saleyards has renewed concerns about farmers exiting the sheep industry.

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