School intake one of the biggest for years

18:16, Feb 18 2013

Twenty-one new arrivals at Temuka Primary School will create more funding and possibly entitlement for a new staff member.

Principal Grant Willocks said the new students, who are a variety of ages and years, were the highest number of enrolments for this time of year he had seen in his eight years at the school.

He attributes the increase to the school improving its profile, revamping its website and the success of community-based events such as sport and art.

Over the last year a Kiwisport co-ordinator has been working with local schools including Temuka Primary and linking the students to sports clubs in the town.

This year the school has updated its school house point system and will be working with the theme, citizenship. The school has been collecting data on behaviour which has been analysed to manage it.

Mr Willocks said responding to their findings they were working on consistent expectations from teachers and introducing programmes to teach skills that may be lacking or need improving.

New school parents have told Mr Willocks that they have moved into Temuka because property in the area is cheaper than elsewhere.

A few of the families are from Christchurch and have been paid out by insurance firms for earthquake damage to their homes and want a new start.


The Timaru Herald