Wonky knees prove no handicap

19:14, Feb 18 2013
temuka golf club
GOOD EXERCISES: Temuka Golf Club men's weekly nine-hole players, from left, Rex Baucke, John Harneiss, Ira Graham, Ray Hill and Mick Reed.

For the past decade a group of Temuka Golf Club members has been playing a nine-hole game every Friday.

Among them they have 50 years of golfing experience. Up to about 15 players at a time take to the greens for the shortened golf version.

A women's group does the same thing on Wednesdays.

Rex Baucke, John Harneiss, Ira Graham, Ray Hill and Mick Reed said they looked forward to the game because it was good exercise.

At 82, Mr Hill is the oldest player among this group and said he found the 2.5km walk around part of the course manageable. Though the players would prefer to play an 18-hole round, they say their wonky knees just will not allow it.

Mr Harneiss said it was all about exercise and companionship.


"None of us are turning professional in the next month."

It takes the men between an hour and 40 minutes and two hours to complete a game, which is plenty of time for them.

They say nine-hole golf is gaining in popularity as it appeals to women who have children at school or anyone else who does not have a lot of spare time to spend whiling away time on the Temuka greens.

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