Police weapon safes replaced

19:27, Feb 19 2013

Weapons safes have been replaced in Mid-South Canterbury police patrol cars to correct a safety fault affecting hundreds of police vehicles nationwide.

Patrol cars contain two weapons safes, one in the front and one in the boot, where police secure firearms and Tasers.

But front safes that were installed in hundreds of New Zealand Police cars were found to have a safety fault that required them to be replaced.

Radio New Zealand reported yesterday that Canterbury District police were carrying their Tasers on their belts while the maintenance was carried out on the vehicle safes.

But the weapons safes in Timaru-area police cars were repaired at least two weeks ago and police did not carry their Tasers on their hips while the work was carried out, Mid-South Canterbury Area Commander Inspector Dave Gaskin said.

"The guys used common sense," he said.

"When they needed them, they carried them, and the rest of the time they were in the weapons safe in the boot."

Police do not regularly carry Tasers, but can wear them in a pouch on their belt "if they're going into a situation where they feel they may be required to have them", he said.


The Timaru Herald