Students' hard work pays off

South Canterbury schools are celebrating their best and brightest, with a number of National Certificate in Educational Achievement scholarships won in the region last year.

Four Craighead Diocesan School students - Genevieve Steven, Rachel Rolleston, Samantha Olley and Cara Adolph - received scholarships in biology, with Cara deemed outstanding. Kate Anderson received a scholarship in photography.

Biology teacher Charlotte Woods said the girls had been "extremely thorough" in their studying.

"They've put in the time.

"With scholarship they've got to remember everything from the year and integrate it into the answer, and that's what these girls have done."

At Waimate High School Dan Dooley achieved a scholarship in statistics, while two scholarships were achieved at Timaru Boys' High School - Michael Shaw in English and Anton van Vugt in biology.

Timaru Boys' deputy rector Ross Stevenson said the school would look to achieve more scholarships this year.

"We would like more and that's always something we'll try and concentrate on. We certainly have programmes in place that will look to try and lift the level of achievement."

At Mountainview High School Rebecca Bowman and Sam Brosnahan achieved scholarships in physical education, and Sam Murray a scholarship in geography. The school was very proud of the students' achievements, deputy principal Liz Peters said.

Timaru Girls' High School leaver Charlotte McKay achieved an outstanding scholarship in English and a scholarship in art history, and Nicole Austin was the top scholar in the country in graphics.

Four scholarships in English were achieved at Roncalli College by Erin Broughton, Samantha Issacs, Louise Cody, and Genevieve Cockburn.

Principal Chris Comeau was "very pleased" for the students. "They've worked very hard."

At Opihi College, Artemis Irvine achieved a scholarship in history.

South Canterbury scholars:

Craighead Diocesan School: Genevieve Steven - biology; Rachel Rolleston - biology; Samantha Olley - biology; Cara Adolph - biology (outstanding); Kate Anderson - photography

Timaru Girls' High School: Charlotte McKay - English (outstanding), art history; Nicole Austin (top scholar)

Mountainview High School: Rebecca Bowman - physical education; Sam Brosnahan - physical education; Sam Murray - geography.

Waimate High School: Dan Dooley - statistics

Opihi College: Artemis Irvine - history

Timaru Boys' High School: Michael Shaw - English; Anton van vugt - biology

Roncalli College: Erin Broughton - English; Samantha Issacs - English; Louise Cody - English; Genevieve Cockburn - English.

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