Bid to separate cyclists

19:27, Feb 19 2013

Road layouts separating motorists and cyclists would see more people take to their bikes in Timaru.

And Timaru district councillors are not averse to finding out how much it would cost to set up such a trial length of road in the town.

Cycling advocate group Squeaky Wheel were at yesterday's council meeting, singing the praises of roading layouts that separate cyclists and motorists.

There was a perception it was not safe to cycle to school or work in Timaru, but experiments overseas had shown people were more inclined to cycle if they were not riding next to vehicles Liz Cutler and Ron Paulin told councillors.

If keeping bikes and vehicles apart increased the number of cyclists on the road, that would help the council meet its goals of reducing air pollution and road congestion as well as having res idents with healthier lifestyles.

Otipua Rd was suggested as a possible trial area, and Cr Hamish Fraser recommended Church St to cater for people biking to work.

Swapping the position of the cycle lane and car parking would be one way of separating cyclists and motorists.

Cr Terry Kennedy was concerned about how much a trial could cost, but Cr Steve Earnshaw, who has ridden on such cycle ways in New Zealand and overseas, said a trial could be carried out at very little cost.

Council staff will meet the Squeaky Wheel group to look at areas for a possible trial as well as the probable cost of setting it up.


The Timaru Herald