Broadband out for three days

18:36, Feb 25 2013

A Telecom broadband outage lasting up to three days has adversely affected more than 100 Geraldine residents.

Julie Imms, who noticed the outage on Friday morning, had the service restored to her McKenzie St home yesterday morning.

Mrs Imms said outages were understandable, but to have one lasting three days was not fair to the people who pay a lot money for the service.

She made numerous calls to Telecom's internet inquiries line for updates on the company's progress fixing the problem.

It was during one of those calls that she discovered she was not the only one with broadband issues - she was one of 136, as of Sunday. Yesterday she was told by Telecom that the service had been restored to three of those customers.

Mrs Imms said a Telecom representative also told her it was a Chorus problem.


A Telecom spokesperson told The Timaru Herald that the problem was caused by "a piece of Chorus owned infrastructure" and the fault was resolved just after midnight on Sunday.

However, head of communications and brand for Chorus, Melanie Marshall, said she was not aware of the situation extending beyond Friday.

She said she would investigate the matter.

"I've written my times [down], but didn't think to write down how long I've actually wasted."

Mrs Imms, who continued asking Telecom questions yesterday on behalf of all other affected customers, has been offered compensation to the tune of $11.34 plus GST.

The Timaru Herald