Firefighters suspect blaze deliberate

18:23, Feb 27 2013

A suspicious fire in a Timaru reserve kept a team of eight firefighters busy yesterday afternoon.

Two fire engines that attended the scene were also used to block Lindsay St while firefighters battled the blaze with water and foam. The fire burnt a large area and some vegetation, including part of a pine tree.

Station officer Roy Hoogenraad said a member of the public passing through the reserve raised the alarm just before 3pm.

The fire crews started work about 3pm and took about 45 minutes to control the fire.

Both crews remained on-site for about an hour after the fire was out to dampen hot spots.

Mr Hoogenraad said the fire was believed to have been deliberately lit, and if caught, the culprits could face a charge of wilful damage.

Members of the public regularly walk through the reserve, which has access points in Lindsay St and Douglas St.


The Timaru Herald