Fundraising memories for leader

18:41, Feb 27 2013
FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE: Pippins girls, from left, Poppy Wheeler, Sarah Anderson and Deja Proudman with some of the many Girl Guide biscuits the Geraldine groups need to sell when the annual fundraiser returns next week.

A delivery of cardboard boxes filled to the brim with Girl Guide biscuits is bringing back memories for one of Geraldine's dedicated leaders.

Pippin leader Linda McLaren remembers the many hours spent driving around the countryside helping her daughters sell the popular fundraising biscuit. That was more than 30 years ago - when the popular treat came in just one size and there was only one option - plain, with no chocolate covering one side.

"My oldest daughter is 32 and we sold biscuits when I was a guide leader all those years ago," she said.

"We lived in a country area (in Otago) and (I remember) I came home one day and my garage was full of them. We (delivered them) door-to-door in a car throughout the countryside. It took weeks to sell them all."

When the time felt right, Ms McLaren stepped aside from the group, but since moving to South Canterbury she wanted another hobby so has offered her services to the group again.

Boxes of the biscuits will be distributed to Girl Guides, Brownies, Rangers and Pippins to sell from March 8 to 10.


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