Immunisation target top rate

18:43, Feb 27 2013

South Canterbury doctors are still among the country's best at ensuring babies receive their jabs on time.

The South Canterbury District Health Board is ranked second out of 20 boards for immunisation targets, according to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Health.

The national immunisation target is to get 85 per cent of 8-month-olds put through their primary course of immunisation at six weeks, three months and five months by July 2013.

In the latest quarter, South Canterbury achieved a 95 per cent success rate. Its achievement has put it 1 per cent behind MidCentral District Health Board.

The latest figures also show 96 per cent of patients at Timaru Hospital were discharged or transferred from the emergency department within six hours. The target is 95 per cent.

South Canterbury was ranked eighth for improved access to elective surgery with a 108 per cent success rate, up from 13th in the previous quarter. The target is 100 per cent - increasing the volume of elective surgery by an average of 4000 discharges each year.


Health Minister Tony Ryall was impressed with the results for elective surgeries nationwide.

"The latest results . . . show district health boards performed almost 4000 more elective operations than planned in the last six months. This is a great achievement and means more New Zealanders are receiving the surgery they need faster."

All health boards met their 100 per cent target to make waiting times for cancer treatment shorter. The target is that everyone ready for radiation treatment receives it within four weeks.

One area many health boards have struggled with over the past year is to provide better help for smokers to quit. The target is to provide advice and help to 95 per cent of smokers who are admitted to hospital and 90 per cent of patients who are seen by a doctor in primary care. South Canterbury is ranked fifth for the target, with a 90 per cent success rate for primary care patients and 97 per cent for hospital patients.

Another target health boards have struggled to meet is to get 60 per cent of the eligible population put through a cardiovascular risk assessment in the past five years - a target to be achieved in stages by July 2014. So far no boards have met the target. South Canterbury is ranked 16th with a 54 per cent success rate. Wairarapa District Health Board leads the way with 67 per cent, while Canterbury District Health Board has fallen behind with 28 per cent.

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