Tide out on dogs

20:46, Feb 27 2013

A degree of scepticism exists in the community when it comes to dog owners obeying the new bylaws as they will apply to Caroline Bay.

This week the council decided not to change the period when dogs are allowed on the tidal area of Caroline Bay (April 1 to September 30), even though its draft bylaws had suggested a longer period.

Councillors also decided against the draft proposal which would have allowed dogs on leads on walkways within the bay.

"People won't care, they still take their dogs down the bay," commented Sam and Danille Rhodes on the Herald's Facebook page.

"Last time we were there a lady had her dog just roaming round the playground,"

Jo Tuinenga mentioned seeing four dogs on the beach when there were people swimming.

Di Sargent Pearce said there needed to be more signs on the bay and Marine Pde to advise dog owners when they could take their dogs on to the beach.


The Timaru Herald