Timaru man Wayne Doyle writes original 'movical', Hey Jude - The Musical

The cast of Hey Jude the musical prepares to put on a Timaru man's first musical.

The cast of Hey Jude the musical prepares to put on a Timaru man's first musical.

It may have taken him down a long and winding road, but a Timaru man can cross another item off his bucket list.

After five years working on it, Wayne Doyle is bringing his show Hey Jude - The Musical to the stage.

The graphic design tutor at Ara Institute of Canterbury's Timaru campus said his show was a movie crossed with a traditional musical to form a "movical".

Writing a musical was one "of those things on my bucket list", Doyle said.

"I often say to myself, 'How hard can it be to write a musical?'"

Doyle said when he committed to something he would follow through on it. "So five years later I've got something, ready to show the world."

Hey Jude - The Musical focuses on the fight for equality and is set in the mid 1960s when women, minorities and gay people were all fighting for equal rights, he said.

"It was a time of change."

He conducted a lot of research into the era and re-wrote the script about 25 times.

Inspiration for the show came from The Beatles song Eleanor Rigby.

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"I asked the question: what was her back story?"

During the show, two projectors will project animated videos Doyle has made onto a 3-metre high, 7m long screen, which will provide a backdrop for the stage.

"It's going to feel like sitting inside a Pixar movie."

The cast will interact with the projected digital animations.

"People will pretend to touch the screen, and a radio will turn on. I'm hoping that people will come along to this and think, 'Far out, I never thought that theatre could be so dynamic and innovative'."

Doyle said when he auditioned for the show, he found a "fabulous" cast.

"So many young, talented enthusiastic performers."

Doyle said he co-wrote original pop songs for the show, wrote the original script and produced the original art work.

He believed it was not possible to copyright a song title, and said the show was a parody.

"I really own everything, so I don't need to get permission from anyone. There's a band called The Beat Boys, there is parallels, similarities, done with in a parody."

The show is on at the Playhouse Theatre in Timaru from February 8 to 11. As ticket sales were going well, Doyle was contemplating adding a matinee for the final afternoon.

"We're basically sold out Thursday, Friday, Saturday. It's just entertaining. Why should people go? It's something different, it will just be fun."

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