Many hands make light work of moving 220m sewer

20:10, Jun 30 2013
BIG LIFT: It took more than 60 people to carry a 220m pipe across West End Park.

It came out of the dawn ... a giant 220-metre "caterpillar" snaking its way across a Timaru park.

And it took more than 60 people to carry the beast, which will be buried beneath Wai-iti Rd in a couple of days.

While the length of sewer pipe is not the longest contractors Hadlee and Brunton have had to prepare for the Ranfurly-to-Guiness St sewer renewal project, it turned out to be the most difficult.

The contractors faced a wet and soggy West End Park where the long lengths of pipe had been welded. The previous lengths, one up to 300m long, were wheeled across the park but company director Andrew Brunton said that was not an option this time as they were concerned the wheels would damage the park surface.

Then settled on people power. But the 160mm diameter PVC pipe was heavy, and it was not short. While the company'smuster of 30 staff for the lift was not enough. So they "borrowed" the boarders from Boys High.

It took about five minutes for the 60-plus people to walk the pipe across the park to the Wai-iti Rd boundary.

The $600,000 project is the major sewer renewal project for the Timaru District Council this financial year.

Wet weather has slowed its progress, but it should be completed by the end of July, Mr Brunton said. The fact that it was on the busiest street in Timaru excluding the highway, had made the job more challenging.


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