Students impress at fun workshops

20:42, Jun 30 2013
guy williams
GATHER IN: Comedian Guy Williams shares tips from his trade at a workshop at Timaru Boys' High School.

There were plenty of laughs when a group of Timaru high school students met Kiwi comic icon Guy Williams yesterday.

Williams, who features on television shows Jono and Ben at 10 and 7 Days, was at Timaru Boys' High School hosting stand-up comedy workshops.

A group of 40 students from Timaru Boys' and Mountainview High School eagerly offered up one-liners that had Williams laughing.

And some of the material was being lined up for last night's episode of Jono and Ben at 10, if it made the cut.

Speaking to the Timaru Herald, Williams said he wished there had been something like it when he was at school.

He was taking the students through some basic exercises in one-liners, and was "genuinely impressed" with what they were coming up with. He joked he would be stealing their material.


"Children are a good source of labour; I've learnt that."

He had held workshops at schools in Auckland but it was "cool" to come to the regions, he said. Visiting schools was a way to promote comedy.

"I think if people can see that I do it as a job ... anyone can do it."

Timaru Boys' student Ben Baker, who was at the workshop, said he had always been interested in comedy.

"It's really cool meeting [Williams] and talking to him."

He hoped to perform stand-up one day. "If I had time to write some jokes and stuff I'd definitely give it a go."

Williams performed at the Timaru Boys' Hogburn Hall last night, with some of the students joining him.

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